[Nucleic Acid Refreshing Toner 125ml]

Soothing and moisturizing ingredients balance the oil and water on the skin to make it full of moisture

  • It makes your skin smooth and elastic

  • It fills the irritated and dry skin with moisture 

  • It contains niacinamide, a whitening ingredient certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, to tone up your skin with a brighter complexion

Expiry date: 2025/04

[Nucleic Acid Whitening Serum 30g]

Soothing, moisturizing, and whitening ingredients maintain the skin moisture, improve skin tone, and strengthen the skin barrier, making the skin bright and radiant from the inside out. 

  • Forms a moisture barrier with hyaluronic acid and panthenol on dry skin

  • Soothes irritated skin with natural ingredients and strengthens the skin barrier

  • The dual-functional ingredients adenosine and niacinamide make the skin bright

Expiry date: 2025/04

[Nucleic Acid Perfect Wrinkle-Free Eye Cream 20g]

A nucleic acid perfect wrinkle-free eye cream that adheres tightly to sagging skin to create smooth skin

  • intensive elasticity and wrinkle care

  • Powerful moisturizing effect

  • Tight adhesion

Expiry date: 2024/11

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[Nucelic Acid Anti-aging Cream 30ml]

It's soap foam-like formulation, when it touches the skin, the bubbles subside and turn into a cream. It has a soft texture that adheres tightly to the skin and has a moisturizing finish

  • The ever-increasing power of oxygen

As soon as the nucleic acid complex, the main component of oxygen bubbles, are applied, it quickly penetrates through the wrinkles and improves your skin with elasticity and strength

  • Moisture that doesn't miss a drop of moisture

It nourishes and moisturizes the dry skin, making it moisturized all day long

  • Healthy Beauty 

It is highly stable on the skin, therefore it helps revitalize the skin and is excellent for strengthening moisture barriers

  • Pleasant texture and a refreshing finish

When it touches the skin, bubbles of oxygen change into a soft cream form, so it permeates the skin with moisture quickly

Expiry date: 2023/11

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