Cell: Monde Brand Story

Cellmonde is prestigious antiaging skincare brand made from
nature and science created by professional dermatologists and plastic surgeons in South Korea.
The Korean Institute for Facial Skin Plastic Surgery established by 20 specialist in each filed of the skin to look for the perfect solution for the skin. The brand concept was based on the skin research that has shown that the beauty of the skin is determined by the cells in the skin. Therefore, CellMonde was born after working on research on cell care.
 Cell:Monde is a combination of
 Cell is an English word which means “Cells”
Monde a French word which means “world”.

Cell:Monde Core values

Perfect Solution for the Skin:
Created by top plastic surgent and skin care experts who spent years in research to come up with perfect solution for the skin (Nucleic Acid) an ingredient that stimulates skin cells to make more collagen.

Quality and Innovation:
Cell: Monde's unique anti-aging and lifting ingredients obtained from the best ingredients while utilizing the latest technologies and innovation to extract the maximum benefits.

Carefully selected hero ingredients:
The careful selection of a the best ingredients known for their anti-aging and skin toning (Salmon DNA, Salmon Oil, Yeast RNA, Bifida fermentation lysate, Liftonin and Adipophyllin).
The products are free from 7 preservatives known for its skin irritation.